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Subway Surfers Review

Subway surfers is an interesting adventure game in which a player runs to earn the maximum points and and other person tries to catch him so, that’s how it works, but the developer has really made it with amazing graphics and that’s why most of the people like this application.

Subway Surfers Apk Download Free

He is the hero of the game and the developer has provided many versions of this game suppose that we have subway surfers Paris version and every version has different stuff so, that’s really amazing to explorer those things.

Subway Surfers APK

I used to play this game in my childhood and I used to play it the whole day and I never got bored by playing this game and to be honest I still have this game on my android phone so, I really liked this game.

Ratings 4.4/5
Downloads 1B+
Developer SYBO Games, Kiloo
Release Date 2012
Type Freeware

Subway Surfers Features

  • It’s best adventure game available on Google Play Store
  • It’s best adventure game available on Apple store
  • It has over billions of download all around the world
  • It may contain amazing places to visit
  • It avoids you to get bored

Subway Surfers For Windows/PC Download

Yes, this application is available for the PC users as well and it’s mainly played on gaming center because whenever I visit my nearest gaming center, then I saw many kids playing this game so, the game has some kind of magnet that attracts you and stop you to close the game and that’s why we have over billions download of the game and millions of PC users.


How To Install Subway Surfers on PC

  1. Download the game from the above green button
  2. Now Extract the rar file
  3. Open the setup and install it properly
  4. and open the launcher and select your resolution display

 Subway Surfers Download For Windows Phone

The application is also available for the Windows phone users and some companies have Windows phone like Nokia is one of the seller of Windows phone and there might be many other as well, but I have learnt about only Nokia and those phones are similar like the PC windows because I have used Windows phone many times.

How To Install Subway Surfers On Windows Phone

Download the file from the above green button and start the application setup so, you can easily install it on your windows phone and there is no different science there so, that’s how you can easily install it.

Subway Surfers For Ipad Download

So, the application is also available for the Apple product lovers because the application is also available on the Apple Store as well so, this product is officially available for Ipad and Iphone and we have even better ratings of the Apple users so, The application works better on the Ipad and Iphones so, if you have apple phone, then don’t worry because you can play it on your operating system as well.


How To Install subway Surfers On IPhone

The procedure is very simple because all what you have to do is to download it from the green button, then open the application file and install the game so, this won’t take too much time and you can easily install it on your Iphone or Ipad whatever you have.

Subway Surfers For MAC OS Download

This game is officially available for the MAC operating system as well and MAC is also Apple’s product but similar to PC version, but the Iphone is similar to the Android phone.


If you confused to see too many download buttons, then you should not because we have separated the game for the different OS so, if a download button exists under the MAC heading, then the button is available to get it for the MAC operating system.

Subway Surfers For Fire OS Download

This operating system is similar to Tab phone and parents buy these kinds of devices for their children because these devices are still better for eyes so, that’s why parents prefers to have these kind of tab phone as compared to normal smart phones.

The installation process is also simple and this operating system is similar to normal Android phones so, if you have Fire OS, then don’t worry about the installation. It’s  pretty simple.

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